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    InDesign Customization Lost


      I’m using InDesign CS4 (ver. 6.0.6) on OSX 10.6.7. For the last few days everytime I start indd I lose any customization I’ve done to the program (such as units/increments, autocorrect, margins, grids, etc.) and thinks like Print Setups (these I’ve now saved so it’s easier to get back. BUT IT’S STILL ANNOYING!!!). Nothing has changed on my computer that I can think off. No new programs loaded. No new fonts.


      I’ve restarted with preferences off. I’ve moved and renamed the Indesign Defaults and Indesign SavedData files to make program generate new ones. I still have the same problem. Is there anything else I can try?

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          John Hawkinson Rockstar

          Any third party plugins?

          Network drives?

          DOes it happen with a new user account?

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            green789 Newcomer

            It's only Monday morning and already I'm having a bad week. InDesign is still giving me grief!


            Plugins are NewsEnginGPS and APID Tool Assistant (which work in conjunction with each other) and Suitcase Fusion 3. We've been using these for a few years (no recent updates). 5 other designers are using the same set up. 2 of them have had the same thing happen  (customizations lost) but just once. They set up Indesign again and everything has worked fine since. All our computers are connected to a couple servers and (when necessary) one network drive. I'm the only user on this computer.


            Maybe I should just reload InDesign???

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              John Hawkinson Rockstar
              I'm the only user on this computer.


              Maybe I should just reload InDesign???

              Create a new user account and see if the behavior follows.

              You could certainly uninstall/reinstall InDesign; I give you 50/50% on having that solve your problem.


              A new user account takes 2 minutes to test, uninstall/reinstall is more like 30 minutes.

              You should also try temporarily removing all 3 plugins and seeing if that changes the behavior. Again, 1 minute to test...

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                green789 Newcomer

                Thanks John

                I'll try your suggestions.

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                  green789 Newcomer

                  John, before I had a chance to try your suggestions I found something else in the Adobe Forum by Peter Spier about replacing preferences. The article ended with the following:


                  "UPDATE: I just ran across a situation in which overwriting the InDesign Defaults and InDesign SavedData files failed to restore functionality to the tools on a single user account on a multiple user system (the other account was fine). This is an absolute first and I've been using the technique for years, including replacing these two files on this system which is used by the student newspaper where I was a professor, in order to customize or restore preferences every semester. What did work was to use the keyboard method first, then close InDesign and manually replace the two files to restore the prefs to the proper settings.  -- Peter"


                  I did what he suggested: first the keyboard method and then replaced the 2 preferences files. AND IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING!!!