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    using local/testing server with cs5 inserting images look fine in the split screen but do not show



      If I open example: header.php and insert any photo jpeg/.html ecs i can see the images in the split screen but not in the browser if i save then refresh. I am able to make any change to the code ecs. and they are reflected just fine. I have tried this with my fireworks images .html and when that did not work i tried a strait jpeg off the desktop. This all did not work. I have deleted the local server then step by step created a new one via devnet instruction. This did not work! everything looks fine i even tried in 3 sep browsers with 0 luck....There is no remote server connected at this time because i am making a child theme for my current site. After all changes are done we will the ftp the word press files to site and change.



      Ps i even started over from scratch with 0 positive affects....