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    uploading to youtube quality issues



      I hope someone can help me with what is a frustrating problem..and maybe one of the experts can point out where I'm going wrong!


      I've created a full HD 13 second animation in after effects and exported it as a lossless quality MOV.

      I then import it into final cut to edit slightly and add the soundtrack. This is then exported with the H264 compressor to a size of about 200MB.


      when I play this on quicktime the quality is perfect but then on completition of upload to youtube the 360/480 settings take so much quality that it looks 'dirty' and blurry.


      Is there any way round this which maintains quality at lower resolutions as most people don't click up to the higher HD quality options?


      I'd also like to ask if what I'm doing is the 'right' way to do this whole process and exporting to a mov is right etc.


      thanks in advance!