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    Would this workflow for speeding up multi-cam editing work?

    Martin Klefas

      Hey, I'm working with a really dreadful computer and have so far been using a couple of low-definition camcorders for multi-cam shooting. The computer can nearly cope, and I'm patient enough to work with it for now. I'm about to upgrade to HD camcorders, and probably add a couple of cameras to the next few shoots. This will definately cause the multicam editing to grind to a halt, so I was hoping to come up with a bit of a workaround.


      Would the following work:


      1. Convert down all HD streams to low definition (including audio downgrading)
      2. Import and Align low-def streams (sequence1)
      3. Run through shoot and pick favoured camera angles for entire (multi-cam) sequence
      4. Replace low-def footage with HD originals (using right click -> "replace footage..." in the source window)
      5. export multi-cam sequence.


      It's not important that the changes between cameras are on exactly the same frame in both sets of video - it's only important that they're in roughly the same second.