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    Blackberry Playbook and library books


      I cannot get the Digital Editions loaded on my PC to "see" my Playbook when it is attached so that I can download books from the library (it dos now show on the Bookshelf). PC says it is authorized.


      Thank you, Cherry

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          You've been caught up in the syndrome that, just because you're supposed

          to be able to read ebooks on your device, you assume that all you have to

          do is to hook it to your PC and you're good to go.  There's some technology

          in the middle, and it's important because it makes everything work.


          ADE does not support your Blackberry.  That's not going to change soon,

          either, unfortunately.  Once you get your library ebook downloaded to your

          computer, you can't transfer it to your Blackberry.




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            The Problem is another in my opinion.


            - Playbook can read DRM-eBooks with Kobo.

            - Kobo Desktop is a featured device on Windows, but I can't import there my books from ADE or send them from ADE to Kobo.

            - ADE supports the playbook not native


            I have to a) remove DRM and copy it on my playbook; or b) use another Reader (Android) to read DRM-protected ebooks. This not easy-way.


            Please tell us how we can send our bought ebooks from ADE to KoboDesktop. This would be the way Adobe says.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              No, the Blackberry is not a supported device under ADE.   Your choice of

              the term 'not native' could mean that the Blackberry is supported some

              other way by ADE, which is not true.  Thus, there is no way to connect the

              Blackberry to ADE directly.


              ADE does provide both library management and support for DRM-enabled

              epublications.  As you point out, so do other software systems.  And

              because there are other software systems that do support DRM-enabled

              publications, plus other systems interface with your Blackberry, perhaps

              you should look at those systems to use instead of ADE.


              Yes, KOBO's desktop support for epublications is independent of, and cannot

              run with, ADE.


              So, if you have alternatives, why are you asking how to interface ADE with

              the KOBO desktop?



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                Sweeney70 Level 1

                Hello again,


                I hoped to get help, but Adobe won't do it.

                My alternative is illegal and you give me advice to do it? O-(
                It's not neccessary to sync to kobo desktop, but directly to the Playbook.

                Where is the announced support of the Playbook?