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    Can one force InDesign to sort in orders other than the source word(s)?

    Jim Eisenbraun

      I'm working on creating an index of geographical names in an InDesign book; and we're making this third index in the book, using Ω as the character to force all items for this index into a separate group of entries to sort. In this index,however, we have some GNs = place-names that are of this sort:





      etc. And normally, one wants these items sorted into the alphabetical listing of GNs as, respectively,





      not at the end of the standard Latin alphabet listing (thus, after "Z"). Entering these two items as, in terms of their sort order in the "sort by" field thusly:





      where an "ordinary" entirely Latinate GN is entered as simply Ω does not result in ʿUnuq and Ḫirbet being sorted into the "U"s and "H"s, respectively.


      Anyone have any notions about how to make this happen? I can make it happen if I take all of the dozens of "ordinary" Latinate entries and, say, make the sort for "London" be ΩLondon, but that's a lot of extra entry work.




      Jim Eisenbraun

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Ha! I've been playing with this all morning long. In the long term, I think we might need a plugin developer, to be honest. In the short term: you could affix a set of Latin-script characters to each word to force the sort order:






          So: generate an index, grab your place names, peel off the omega, resort the index, then GREP for two caps in succession and peel off the first. I dunno if this would work, I'm not 100% clear on how you are working.


          Or, alternately, another way to force a secondary sort order: Go to "Sort Options" in the Index flyout, add a sort order you know you won't be using (Greek?), then learn correct alphabetical sort order in Greek, then prefix all of your placenames with Greek letters, in the way you wanted the final sort to run. What I've been doing is styling my Hebrew glyphs (for indices in Farsi and Kurdish) with a separate character style so they're easier to find and remove.

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            Jim Eisenbraun Level 1

            For the moment, I've simply included enough of the GN in the "sort order" field in the index tag dialogue to ensure that I get the right sorting; and I'm building a little QuicKey macro to do that fairly quickly/easily. That appears to be the least trouble. It puts a lot of information in the sort-order field, but so be it. Just didn't know if anyone else out there had invented the right wheel for this particular cart.