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    Action Scrip Help on Buttons

      Help: I have a project that I have been working on - it's an interactive map. Very simple. 4 buttons = ea. button is a state
      When you roll over the button text appears next to the button. The text stays there until you click another state (button). Each state (button) has text. The user can select any button in any order multiple times. Right now I have 4 buttons and text for each. Per my action script manual, I should add a stop command to each frame on a separate layer. I have done that. The movie test goes: rollover button 1; text appears and it stops. This is good. What is bad is it will not allow me to click on any other button and it seems that something more than a simple "stop" command is also needed on each frame. (there are 5 frames). Or, did I miss something?

      button 1-4 have this basic action script (except each button is asked to go to a different frame.) (other frames being 3, 4, and 5)

      on (release){gotoAndStop (2);

      on the action timeline above these buttons this is the action script:

      So, you click on the first button, it goes to frame 2 and stops. And that's it. You can't select anyother button and go anywhere. According to the manual, if each frame has a stop then the user can choose any button, it will go to that frame and stop. This does not happen. So, what am I missing?