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    CS 5.5 AJA Presets/Options Not Listing


      OS X 10.6.8


      PPro CS 5.5 5.5.2

      AME CS 5.5 5.5.1


      Kona 3

      AJA 10.1

      AJA Adobe Mac 10.1.1


      I've removed all drivers and preset packages and re-installed.  I even re-downloaded the files from the vendor web site to make sure I was absolutely up to date.


      However, when I load PPro, and go to a new project and select Sequence screen, there are no AJA presets.  Same if I continue through and try to create a custom one.  AJA is not listed in anyway shape or form in the program.


      However, I can select the Kona 3 as my audio output in the Audio preferences.


      I can not select the Kona 3 as an external playback option though.


      I've repaired computer permissions.


      I've flashed PRAM.


      I've done Shift+Option when loading PPro.


      So at this point I'm looking for any trouble shooting tips anyone can share.  I've run out of ideas.