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    Is it just me ? It appears my project files keep going south.

    deimosphobos Level 2

      Been working on a project, about an hour of footage, two cameras, Canon HF20 and Canon T3i. Seperate audio, 48K 16bit


      In addition to the footage I also have,

      PSD's(8), JPG's(2) and After Effects Comps(6), mainly just clips with Warp Stabiliser.


      There are many edits. 80% is single track but the other 20% ranges from 2 track comps to 4 tracks.


      This is what I am seeing.


      I started the project, worked on it for about 3 hours, 95% done. Saving regularly. Then I closed it and went off to do something else.


      Came back and opened the project. Then I noticed the preview window stayed white. I tried a preview but nothing, the audio plays and the shuttle moves but the preview window stays white.

      Then I noticed that the CPU remains at 25% (Have a quad core so I assume it is running 1 core). Left it for about 5 minutes, no change, CPU stays 25%. Nothing else but Premiere running. Looked in task manager, premiere pro 25% when nothing is happening in premiere pro.

      So I tried to close the project. Then Premiere Pro just hangs. Left it for 3 minutes, nothing. So I killed it by shooting it in task manger.


      Tried it 3 times, same story. Tried rebooting, same story.


      Finally I started a new project and imported the troubled project into that. Worked like a champ, previerw window previews as expected and all is great.


      Well, this seems to happen each time I close the project, then I have to start a new project and import the old one, except my luck just ran out. Luckily I am finished and busy with the render but dread having to go back and make any touch-ups, since the import trick doesn't appear to work anymore.


      Is this a known issue ? Am I doing sometihng wrong ? Is there a feasible workaround ?