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    I can't insert images anymore. Why?




      I've been building web pages just fine inserting my images by clicking Insert and then Image. I did some messing around in the accessibility pane and I thought I only updated it to prompt me if I wanted to change all links internally (and some other stuff) but now I can't insert images this way. The only way I can is if I go over to the image list on the local files list and drag it over and that's a pain and really inefficient for me.


      What happens when I DO click the Insert button, then the image button is that I get a box that says Image Accessibility Attributes and when I try to select an image I get a grey box.


      Another weird thing that is happening is that I can't create a link by highlighting the text and then clicking Hyperlink from the right hand side under Common Inserts.


      I just got a new keyboard yesterday, the kind that plugs into my laptop. Could this be causing my problem too perhaps? Help!





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          Ok, I just figured it out. What I did when I was editing my preferences was accidentally uncheck the"show dialog box when inserting objects" box and that caused the problem. The way to solve it is to either check the box again or to hit Ctrl-click when trying to insert an image on a Windows computer or Command-click on a Mac. This resolved the hyperlink problem as well. The problem was that I was getting a # sign and the text would disappear. Hope this helps somebody else.