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    Booklet in Publisher 2010 some of the pages printing upside down!


      Hi -


      I have a booklet that I'm printing in Publisher 2010.  I have a Epson Workforce 845 printer that handles duplicate printing.  This same document I had on another printer at my work place and it printed just fine.II had to do it manually because it wasn't a duplicate printer but it printed just fine for me doing that.  NOW,  I want to print it from home now since I work out of my house and will be using this printer from now on to print this booklet.  On the screen it looks fine.  But when I print it the cover page and next page is correct but then after that it starts printing upside down making it all mumbo jumbo.  I am working on Windows XP. 


      What am I doing wrong? 


      I have the settings marked as




      8 x 11 paper

      Print on both sides

      Flip on long edge

      print all pages.


      Under printer properties I have 2 sided checked. 


      I'm so frustrated. Thank you sooo much for your help!