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    SWF not scaling correctly


      Hi, I'm new to the OSMF and have a question about swf scaling. I've done exhaustive searches with every search engine I can think of and haven't found an answer, so I'm posting here in hopes that I can get this resolved quickly. Here's my situation.


      I'm using the OSMF to loop through swf, images, and movies. I'm using a serial element and letting it scale contents up to the size of the MediaPlayerSprite. The first time each swf is loaded, it is scaled incorrectly. The 2nd time through, the swf gets scaled correctly.


      I'm assuming this is because the scaling is happening before it the metadata for the swf is loaded. I have no guarantees that I can ask that a swf be made in a certain manner, so adjusting the incoming swfs is not an option.


      I've tried numerous workarounds with little success. Is there any way to preload the swf so that I have metadata by the time the OSMF needs to play it? Also, any other solutions would be welcome.