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    How to choose which monitor displays "full screen preview"


      I have a dual monitor setup and have Bridge configurated so that on the left monitor I have the panes "maps", "filter", "keywords" and "content" and on the right monitor (which is a better and callibrated monitor) I have the pane "preview".

      Now if I select one or more tumbnails in the "content" pane on the left monitor, they show up in the "preview" pane on the right monitor.

      Until recent, when I selected a single tumbnail in the "content" pane (left monitor) it showed up in the "preview" pane (right monitor) and upon hitting the space bar it was shown full screen on the same right monitor and upon left-click on the full screen immage, I got a 100% preview, again still on the right monitor.

      Now the problem is that suddenly, upon hitting the space bar, the full screen preview is no longer shown on the right monitor but is shown on the left monitor. (Same problem for the 100% preview).

      I hope I made clear of myself and that anyone knows how I can change this back again?