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    Photoshop CS3 can't see some fonts

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      My Photoshop CS3 cannot see at least one of the TrueType fonts I have currently installed. The font in question is Sublime by Conoglio Type and it was accessible by Photoshop CS3 when it was installed on a previous computer under Win XP. I am presently running Win 7 and my other apps are able to find and use Sublime without difficulty, including other Adobe apps, so this problem seems to be unique to Photoshop.

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          If the font file is corrupt, then Photoshop may not show it.


          And don't forget that the fonts are sorted by script/language -- so if it's not a Roman/English font, then it may be further down the list.

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            w.d.oneil Level 1

            I reinstalled the font just to make sure, but in so doing I realized that I was wrong -- it is a PS Type 1 font rather than a TT as I had thought. Then I noted that none of my Type 1 fonts showed up in Photoshop. So I decided to try copying the font files (PFB as well as PFM, of course) to C:\Program Files (X86)\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts and found that this seems to be the secret and that the font is now available for Photoshop use.


            Why it cannot access it in the main Fonts folder remains a mystery, but one I don't actually have to solve.