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    Auto Update of 64 Bit Flash 11 on Vista Turns Zombie


      Early this morning there was an update of Flash 11 on my Vista Home Premium system.  In this case, it was Flash 11, 64-Bit Plugin.  Everything went fine and it completed successfully.  However, Flash has disappeared from my system - kind of.  It's there and it's not there too.




      The graphic below shows that my system thinks Flash 11 is installed.  However, nothing can find it including a file/directory search and my browser, which is Firefox in my case.  Note that the file size of the plugin install and the Flash 11 player updated a few days ago are now both zero.  The Flash help center can't find it either and thinks it's not installed on my system at all.


      Anyone else having a similar problem?  All components of Flash 11 were working last night before the update.