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    Windows 7pro - Flash suspected as source of BSOD crashes in "sleep mode"

    jdhughen Level 1

      I am not an everyday flash guy but I've been working with flash a lot lately. I've been getting a a lot of BSOD crashes while in "sleep" mode. "River_State_Power_Failure" , 09f, which I'm told basically means a driver from one of the running programs isn't dealing with the sleep state in the right way. I use a dell m6500 precision laptop. I disconnected all externeal devices (ext drives, tablet, scanner, etc) to the point that the only thing running are a few adobe CS5.5 apps (flash, dreamweaver, Photoshop, bridge, Illustrator and sometimes AE). I've been using sleep mode with this laptop since forever but didn't start having this problem until lately when I started using flash a lot. I've tried leaving different comonations of apps running but it seems like flash is allways runing when it crashes but is never running when it doesn't. also I noticed that if flash crashes while in sleep mode that the auto save feature doesn't seem to be working as I dont get the dialoge box when it starts back up and there is no back-up file there.


      Has any one here seen or heard anything about flash maybe having something to do with these type of crashes ??


      When flash is running is it connected to any of the hardware drivers ? graphics card ? (I'm using a quadro 3800m)


      Joel Hughen