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    How Do I Download Flash in Chrome?


      The evil yellow/orange bar appeared at the top of every single page of every website. It was quite annoying. So I went to the Adobe website and copied the following instructions:

      How do I fix almost all Shockwave and Flash Player issues?

      You can resolve almost all difficulties encountered with the Adobe Shockwave and Flash Players by taking the following steps:

      For Windows:

      Uninstall Shockwave Player 10 via the Control Panel. Go to Add/Remove programs, and choose Macromedia or Adobe Shockwave Player.

      To remove the Flash Player download the uninstaller here:


      *IMPORTANT; After uninstalling both Players, restart your computer.

      Then reinstall both the Shockwave and Flash Players here:



      I followed the instructions to the letter. (rather simple, wouldnt you say) Uninstalling was easy but every time I try to download, it tells me I have Chrome and it is taken care of automatically so It wont let Me do anythingq


      Does anyone know how I get my flashplayer back? Aw snap it crashed.