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    Error code 16820


      I clicked on Acrobat.com and it said there was a mandatory update. I received this error code and was told to contact you. I have a screen shot of the error code and what it said and hope to be able to attach it to this email. Of course not, I could not download the screen shot from my computer so you are not able to see that either. I am not sure how effective Adobe is nor this site to fix the problem. Contact me at [removed] and maybe then we can get this problem resolved. I do have the screen shot and error messages recorded if you care to see them.

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          pwillener Level 8

          First, this is the Adobe Reader forum.  The Acrobat.com forum is http://forums.adobe.com/community/acrobatdotcom


          However, Acrobat.com is an online service, and does not need updates.  So are you actually talking about Adobe Reader?


          If so, what is your operating system and version?


          Please attach a screenshot by using the camera icon in the forum editor.

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            bj194 Level 1

            Hello Pat,I have attached the screen shot to this email since the forum is not an easy place to do it. I did click on the camera and the attached file shows up as a red X in the body of the email. I doubt you can open that. So here it is as an attachment to this email instead.

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              pwillener Level 8

              You cannot attach images via email notifications.  Also please do not post the original notification that contains your email address.  This is a public forum, and any bot can harvest addresses from here.


              P.S. it is very easy to insert images using the camera icon, e.g.