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    Folio not showing on Ipad Adobe Viewer

    S Drakov

      Is the second time I have a folio not showing up on my ipad adobe viewer.

      This has happened after i delete 4 or more articles from the folio, after deleting them it stops showing in my ipad viewer.


      I researched here before and the solution was to check for the size, (that it was a size made for ipad) and yeah, i checked the size and the size is totally fine 768x1024

      but still doesnt appear.


      what I have to do is to create a new folio and click "copy to" each article to the new folio (from the old one), but the option copy to has to be done one by one, which is very annoying and time consuming. Once all articles are copied the new folio shows up but the old one doesnt.


      Anyone knows why this happens? how can it be solved faster?