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    Blury Photos for my still image video

    Neweditor16 Level 1

      I am a newer person to editing and I have Adobe Elements Premiere 10 and I wanted to do my first really nice project and when I edited and looked at the video every single picture was blurry, and when I paused the video the picture would go back to normal. I think that the image is too big and I might have to change the pixel size or resolution of it. Please if you have an answer please break down how to fix my problem, because I am only a teenager trying to figure out this editing system! Thanks, Caitlyn

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          There are several considerations, when doing a SlideShow in PrE.


          • The first is, do you have any Video footage?
          • If not, then the next quesion is, how do I plan to deliver the final results, such as DVD-Video, BD, or something else?
          • Armed with those two answers, the next one is, how can I Scale my Still Images in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements, to match my chosen Project's Frame Size, and this ARTICLE addresses that, plus offers tips for doing that Scaling in Batch with Actions.
          • Last, when a Still Image is Imported into PrE, and is placed onto the Timeline, PrE needs to "create" Video from those Still Images. There will be a red line above the Still Images, and for best, and smoothest playback, one needs to Render the Timeline, by hitting the Enter/Return key.


          Hope that this helps,



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            Robert J. Johnston Level 3

            Does this happen when the preview window's "Playback Quality" is set to "Highest?" You can find out by right-clicking in the preview window and selecting "Playback Quality." If the setting is on "Automatic," you may see blurring during playback, but not when playback is stopped. It looks like Automatic uses only half the lines in a frame during playback to allow smoother playback on slower machines.


            Tip 5003: When you open Premiere Elements, and the Playback Quality is on "highest", due to a glitch,  the quality you actually get is that of automatic. To fix this problem, I have to set magnification = 100, set Playback Quality = "Automatic", then set Playback Quality = "Highest." After that, "Highest" is back to being "Highest."

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              nealeh Level 5

              Get yourself some re-writeable DVD disks. Share your project to one and play it on a real DVD Player with a real TV. There are too many ways in which PC/Mac previews may not be giving you a real feel for the quality.





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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                And dont' forget to render your timeline whenever you see red lines above the clips on your timeline! Press Enter -- and when the red lines turn green, your video should look much clearer and play much more smoothly.


                Meantime, check out my free 8 part Basic Training tutorials for Premiere Elements at Muvipix.com. They'll help get you up to speed on the basics of getting the best possible results with the program.