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    Restrict Printing

    medic48 Level 1

      I'm working on creating a pdf fillable form, the user fills out the form and submit it via e-mail. Question: How can I restrict a user from printing a pdf fillable form?

      I am working with Livecycle.


      Any help is appriciated.

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          Ida Eve Level 2

          I am surprised no one answered this question for you yet.   What you are wanting to do is accomplished through "Managing Security Policies" feature. 


          Open your form in Acrobat Pro, under Advance, mouse over Security and select "managing security policies".  In the Managing Security Policies dialog box, click on New. Note- you will have to assign a password to this new security policy, so don't forget what it is!!  In the New Security Policy dialog box, Use Passwords - Next,  Policy Name - No Print - Next, under the Permissions section (bottom), select Restrict editing and printing of the document..... Insert password you will remember, and under Printing Allowed choose None from the drop-down.  Go ahead and make any other restrictions and click OK.  Now back to your document, click on Advance, mouse over Security and select No Print.  This will apply that security setting to your document.

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            medic48 Level 1

            Thank you