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    Install Error 1935 Adobe Premier Elements 10 Windows 7 64


      So Windows 7 looks like it's finishing up installing Premier Elements 10 when I get an error message and Windows rolls back the install.  I know others might have had similar issues but I haven't found any sort of solution that works.


      I spent about 6 hours trying different things.  Trying to use safe mode and running without any extra services through MSconfig.


      I even tried reinstalling NET Framework and changing the registry keys  (which I wasn't able to do since it won't let me delete the .NET Framework key even with permissions.)


      I also downloaded the trial version of Premier elements but it came up with the same error message.


      Here is what I keep on getting:




      I will be calling the phone support on Monday but I have a feeling  they will say it's just something wrong with my computer.  Which I don't  think is possible because I was able to install the Vegas HD trial and  other programs easily enough.