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    Unable to create the temporary folder. Error 183 when starting Distiller


      This is not a new discussion but an answer to an old one in the read only forums.

      I found a new solution

      I had the same trouble and didn't want to mess round with the registry or create a new user and move  my profile across, or change the Windows/temp folder rights. .

      Sometimes with software, you just change an attribute and log off and then log on and change it back, and this heals some forms of corruption in the user account.

      I use WIN 7 x64.

      I was logged in with Administrator rights.


      Control Panel, User Account and Family Safety, User Accounts, Manage another account, create a new account (with Administrator rights) and no password.  Call it Test (say).

      This is so you can toggle your own account from administrator to Standard user and back again.  You need at least one Administrator account.


      You then change your own user account to be a standard user, shut down.

      Restart, then log on to your own account.

      You then toggle your user account to be Administrator again.

      If you want Standard rights, then toggle back to Standard user.

      Log off, log on.


      It heals the logged in user profile, and this alert mesage box does not reappear.

      This fixs the fault.