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    Sending Flagged Photos to my iPad


      Wondering if anyone knows a quick way to send only the photos I have flagged in Lightroom 4 to my iPad so I only end up with my best photos on my iPad rather than my whole collection?

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          I exported a group of pictures yesterday that I wanted to view on my iPad. So, I used Jeffrey's "Export to Picasa Web" plugin which you'll find here: http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/picasaweb

          This allowed me to create a new Picasa album for the selected photos. Over dinner with friends I was then able to share this album on my iPad.

          I'm sure there are other ways of accomplishing your goal but this worked for me.

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            MikeKPhoto Level 2

            You might want to check out an app called Photosmith. Version 1 allows you to sync images from your iPad to Lightroom. App on the Ipad for sorting etc, and a plugin to import into LR.


            Version 2 looks like it will allow bothway transfer, have to admit it is a great tool for me on the road. Download my images (Camera Kit) to my iPad, sort my images, tag etc, then when I get back import the images into LR. Keeps me occupied on long flights and improves my productivity