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    Workflows in clustering.

    Ram Atmakur

      Hi All, Back agian with a qn regaridng workflows. I have setup a simple cluster env for Author instance with default share nohting config. I see teh auto replication of content happening very fast. But there are issues with workflows.


      1. Create a simple clustered env - Auth1 and Auth2.

      2. Create a sample page. p1 on Auth1. Auth2 would be updated instantaneously

      3. Put p1 in the workflow on Auth1. You would see an icon on Aut1 saying p1 is in workflow.

      4. Now the Issue: on Auth2 the page does not show as if it is a part of the workflow.

      5. And also on Auth2 I can put this page in another workflow. Ideally it should have locked and I should not be allowed to put it to an another workflowD


      Am I doing anything wrong here, Is there a special config to get the workflow instances in sync?