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    Not enough disc space


      I tried to install Photoshop CS5 to created folder on my windows computer, and a popup window gave me a 104 error saying I didn't have enough disc space. Another popup window stated that the program may have been incorrectly installed the first time, and gave me the option to reinstall it using the recommended settings, so I cliked to reinstall. It didn't seem to do anything, though. I still can't open it. Do I need to uninstall the program first to reinstall it? If so, how would I do that?

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          cutebutklutsy Level 1

          (this was the 30 day trial version)

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            cutebutklutsy Level 1

            I think I figured it out; the default settings for downloading were to put it in my personal file in my library... so when the popup window came up asking me if I wanted to reinstall, I clicked it. However, it kept giving me the response that the program I was trying to run was already open, even though it wouldn't open. Then I went back in the Adobe Download Assist window, clicked the yellow word "Download" in the bottom right corner, and chose my C drive to save it to. It seems to be downloading it there just fine. I guess it just needed me to go back and choose where to download it to without any further prompting or direction ?

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Yes it is necessary to choose a location to download the install files too before the download will be initiated.  I think that answered your question?  Not completely sure though please let me know if you have any additional questions as I was not completely clear on what your inquiry was.