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    Where are the CS4 Trials?

    G-wise Community Member

      Hello Adobe Community,

           I was wondering where I might find the CS4 Trial versions of the following programs. 

            • After Effects CS4
            • Premiere Pro CS4
            • Creative Master Suite CS4


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

           I currently run Mac OSX 10.4.11.

      I have looked at "http://prodesigntools.com/download-adobe-cs4-and-cs3-free-trials-here.html" but it

      wont bring me the the right page. I am also wondering if CS4 supports 24fps and 1080p?


      Thank You,


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          dh91 Community Member

          I'm not 100% positive, but since CS6 is on the verge of being released, the CS4 trial probably is not available through any official website.

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            Rick Gerard MVP

            Only the latest versions of the software are available as trials on the Adobe site.

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              Mylenium ACP/MVPs

              As the otehrs said, there are no trials for CS4 products. If the Pro Design Tools workaround no longer gives access, then they are no longer there. God bless a good backup! Anyway, it's a moot point - why would you wanan run a trial of a product you can no longer buy? I'm even reasonably sure that CS4 required at least OSX 10.5.3, so it wouldn't run on your system to begin with...


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                BE FORWARNED: Think you're safe if you have a TIme Machine backup? Nope! If you restore your computer from an Apple Time Machine backup to a new hard disk, your legit, registered CS applications may not work. If you don't have the original DVDs, or if the original disks are damaged, you're stuck.


                I had to replace my hard drive when it developed bad secors. Adobe Support's only answer: Buy the current version for $900.


                Thanks, Adobe. If I could download a demo version of my older product, then there would be no problem. I could install and register it. Instead of satisfying a long time loyal customer, they've turned me into someone who will never buy another Adobe product.