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    Can't use iphone AND ipad


      So I just figured out how to check out and download ebooks/audiobooks from the library to my iphone. Very cool indeed and works well on the iphone, however I can't get the same access on my ipad.  I have an Adobe ID.  In the overdrive app, I have spefied that the ipad is authorized as well so I don't understand why the books I checked out don't show up there.  Also, I downloaded and authorized, the Adobe Digital Editions app for my Macbook and it doesn't see any of my books either. What is the point of an Adobe ID if it doesn't store and allow me access to the media I needed the login for in the first place????

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          Let''s start with your assumptions.  You think that Adobe Digital Editions

          should be interfacing with your iPad and iPhone for starters.  ADE does not

          support either device and so that assumption is false.  Next, I don't know

          how you figure that having an Adobe ID is going to do anything for you if

          the library is able to bypass ADE completely when it interfaces with your

          iDevices directly.  The part about ADE interfacing with your MAC is

          correct, but I am not sure what you mean by 'seeing' your ebooks.  You

          would have to download the ebooks from the library to your MAC via ADE in

          order for them to be on the MAC and 'visible' there,  I don't think the

          library will allow you to download two copies of the same ebook at the same

          time.  It  might be better to take a step back and look at how the

          technology works, what interfaces with what and how, and what you have to

          do in order to make it work for you.



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            1. I didn't say ADE should be interfacing with my ipad and iphone, but the Adobe sign in/account is required which I was commenting on.


            2. The account/sign-in is also required for the ADE mac app which doesn't do the least bit of good since nothing is stored in the account as far as checked out books go even though it says it has the ability to do this.


            3. I have figured out that the same books do need to be downloaded to each device. The library does allow this. While this may be progress, it doesn't remember my place in the book. Which makes this ability less useful.


            4. It would be nice if the need for adobe account could work like the kindle account/app. I can just sign-in to my account and it loads ("sees") all my books and remembers my place.


            5. Frustrated in AZ-You needn't bother commenting on a thread if your goal is only to be rude.

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              I'm sorry you took my remarks as rudeness.


              I'm still seeing an underlying thread of what I think is a



              What requires a sign-in with your Adobe ID?  Access to ebooks on the iPad

              and iPhone?  I'm not aware of this, as Apple has developed the applications

              for epublications that are working on those devices.  So - are you saying

              something else?


              Your MAC applications will work well - they do for others who use the

              ADE/MAC applications, so I have to ask you how you've been trying to use

              the application, and whether it's set up properly (no offense - it's just

              not clear what you've done so we'd be able to give you some advice on what

              to do next).  You would use ADE on the MAC the same way you would use it on

              a PC: start the application and go from there.  When you do transfers from

              ebook sites (libraries, ebookstores, etc.), the ebooks should be placed in

              your ADE library on the MAC.  If this is what you do and nothing is

              transferred, check the security settings to make sure that your operating

              system is going to let file transfers from that site through the

              firewall....  I am using PC terms because I'm not a really good MAC guy, so

              pardon me for being a bit 'off' on this point.


              Amazon has chosen to implement their Kindle using significantly different

              methods from others, and tying the Kindle to the Amazon site for ebook

              purchases.  Some libraries - not all - use features in the Overdrive

              software that will interact directly with the Kindle, but many do not.  You

              can try talking with your library's technical support function to find out

              whether you're in luck.


              Libraries loan ebooks on a 1:1 basis.  That means you download them from

              the library to one location once.  That's the way their Overdrive software

              is set up.  Once downloaded to a computer, if the DRM settings allow it,

              you can copy it over to an ebook reader.  So, I'm not sure what you mean by

              being able to download it to more than one device unless it's this



              You should be able to set a 'place mark' in an ebook so that you can pick

              up where you leave off.  Depending on the device, it's either a bookmark,

              placemark or earmark (not the Federal kind).  Some devices do this

              automagically when you turn off the device - some do not.  Placemark

              information is carried with the ebook in a portion of the data file

              attached to the ebook.  If it ain't working, then it's probably a

              'compatibiltiy issue', as the programmers like to say, between devices.

              That's not an ADE issue - unless you're using ADE to read the ebook.  If

              so, you should contact Adobe's help line and report the problem.....


              Hope this helps!