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    Looking for Tutorial on Streaming VLC to FMLE




      I'm looking for a tutorial on how to stream using FMLE and VLC. From my research thus far this seems to be a decent way to go about it but I've not been able to find out how to exactly get started? I can stream from FMLE just fine but only from my camera.


      Basically the end result I'm looking for is to be able to stream a Skype podcast I'm a part of. Last week I attempted to use XSplit but the audio was insanely bad. My voice was excellent but all other audio coming from skype was at about 1/10th the level. So here I am exploring other Free options.


      Step 1 would be to broadcast the skype screen and audio - with the expectation that in the future I will add in other remove camera streams.


      Any input at all would be greatly appreciated as I'm quite new and not yet found any tutorials specific enough to what I'm looking for.





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          Burnin Sven Level 1

          FMLE wont see VLC Im pretty sure about that.


          If you are on PC you can always try the program with the very strange name SCFH DSF. Its a screencapture program and you would have to read up on how it works but it works good once you figure it out.


          Vidblaster have an unlimited try before buy version but with a watermark in the upper right corner of your video.


          I suggest you move over to google+ hangouts instead of Skype. Google+ hangouts is free and works up to 9 people with live video and vox the same time.


          To capture the sound from skype or a google+ hangout if your on a PC I guess a program like virtual audio cable is what you would need. If your on mac its soundflower and LineIn you need.


          Good luck

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            Logunne Level 1

            k thanks Google hangout is something I've been looking at as well. Does G+ have it's own feed that FMLE would use?