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    Event Listeners

      Does anyone know why event listeners don't seem to work if they event is dispatched using creationComplete?

      The listener just never gets the event.

      Any thoughts appreciated :)

      btw I am using the addEventListener on the object that I want to listen. The code works if the event is dispatched via a click event.
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          slaingod Level 1
          This is probably because you have no way to listen to that event until you finish creating it.

          Specifically, assuming your TestPanel is in TestPanel.mxml, somewhere else you must have:

          <MyViews:TestPanel id="tp" />

          And then you must also be doing:
          tp.addEventListener("EventTest", onEventTest);

          My assumtion is that a) you aren't adding the listener to the tp at all, or b) that there is no way to add a listener until initialzation is complete.

          You can easily (quick and dirty) resolve this by using this.parentApplication.dispatchEvent("EventTest") in your test() method, and
          this.parentApplication.addEventListener("EventTest, "onEventTest");
          in your catching view. Otherwise you will need to create a Custom event that exists outside of either the panel or the parent, and use that for dispatch/listening.

          (You could also do it like this.addEventListener and this.parent.dispatchEvent(..) in test().)

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            ntsiii Level 3
            Or try using callLater(). Just a guess, I havent used this to delay event dispatching, but it is worth a try.