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    Quicktime Clip interlace problems. CS5


      I have two reel length clips that make a feature length movie that have been encoded for me at a post house and I just need to put them together and burn them to DVD.  This issue is that I can see the interlacing in the footage during certain scenes and through transitions.  The title crawl at the end jumps a bit as well.  The specs for the clips are below. The eventual destination is DVD through Encore.  I have done mostly episodic work batched from tapes so I have never had to deal with this. I have tried messing with the fields and making it progressive. I have burned allot of test DVD's trying different things through encore and nothing so far has worked.  The hardware is a purpose built PC system and plays it just fine except for these flaws.  Do I need to bring it down to 8 bit? If so how would I do that.  Any help would be wonderful!


      Here is the clips properties.

      Quicktime Movie

      Image Size 720 X 486

      Pixel Depth 24

      Frame Rate 29.97

      Average Data Rate 27.2 MB/second

      Average Frame Rate 29.98 FPS

      Uncompressed 10 bit.


      Thank you for your time and your help!