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    Photoshop won't download


      I have tried for 2 days to download the trial version of Photoshop. Nothing is happening. HELP! All that it keeps saying is "Extracting..this may take awhile". I have already looked up all the tips and tried them all. I am using a MacBook Pro and have the latest software.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Where did you choose to download the install files too?  This behavior is often observed when the Applications folder is selected to download the install files too.  I would recommend canceling the download and choosing the default location of the User folder to download the install files too.  Once the download is complete you can then run the Installer to install Photoshop to the Applications folder.

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            Dear Jeff,


            After doing what you suggested, nothing changes: I still get this message:


            Also: I've downloaded Illustrator and InDesign with the same computer, same OS, and had no problem whatsoever. Why isn't it not working with Ps?

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              m!ndl0rd Adobe Employee

              Go to Finder > Type Disk Utility > Preferences and simply unchecking the box that says "Verify Checksums" . Close Disk Utility. Then PS dmg should open fine and the program should install without any issues.

              (You might want to re-check the verify checksums box after you've finished the installation though because it's there to help prevent the installation of corrupted .dmgs that could potentially harm your computer)