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    Confused by the behavior on importing simple tagged text

    M.J Song

      I have a tagged text file with the following content beween the dashed lines. (the lines are not part of the file). Both IText and BText are predefined paragraph sytles.





      Price <ParaStyle:IText>AA<cPosition:Superscript>aa<cPosition:> - <ParaStyle:BText>BB<cPosition:Superscript>bb<cPosition:>



      Once imported,  the result is not what I expected. Specifically,

      1. All text are imported with the BText paragraph style.

      2. It shows the "bb" as superscripted, but not the "aa".


      Why is that? And how can I have different styles for the AAaa part versus the BBbb part?


      This can be reproduced on CS5 and CS5.5. Didn't try any older versions.