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    Ultra Key vs other Key Programs/Plugins

    Intercostal Level 1

      I was planning on purchasing Primatte or some other Matte/Key Plugin for roughly $300 but decided to see if there were any advancements to the keying effects in Premiere since I last had need for them a few years ago.


      Ultra Key seems pretty good. I tried it on a still image which had a green background and liked the way it looked. I have yet to try it on a green-screened moving video.


      Can Ultra Key do a job comparable to Primatte, for example?


      I've seen a lot of terrible green screen compositing examples on Youtube. I assume part of this is due to the artistic talent levels and technical levels of the users.


      I know it's possible to get "perfect" green-screen compositing. It's done all the time in the movies. Can Premiere's Ultra Key do the job or do I have to get 3rd part software to be ultimately satisfied?


      Composites should be unnoticable. In the right hands can Ultra Key produce "perfect, ie unnoticable, composites?