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    adobe digital editions won't recognize my ebook


      I have a 7" ebook, unknown brand, made in China, model No.? 4GBFM. I can load "free books" into it and it works ok, but Adobe Digital Editions won't recognize it. I have been through all the steps several times but no luck. I have another E book that Adobe Digital Editions recognizes and I can load books from online library ect into it ok, so I know I'm setup and authorized right.

      Any suggestions on how to enable recognition.


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          There might be two parts to the answer.  First, from what you saw, you can

          get ebooks to ADE without the ereader attached.  The ereader might not be

          supported by ADE, and because you've 'been through the steps several

          times', I think that is probably the reason.


          Second, the ebook you're attempting to transfer (which is what I'm reading

          into your wording) may be DRM-protected, and may not be transferrable.  You

          can check this by looking at the Item Info of the ebook.  When you're in

          Library mode, put your cursor on the small arrow next to the ebook name.  A

          drop-down menu will appear, and you can choose 'Item Info' from the list.

          Click on that, and a screen will appear showing you where the ebook is and

          the properties assigned by the publisher to it.  If the 'copy' parameter

          says no, then you have your answer.


          Hope this helps!



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                Thanks for the info. ( I think that you're right unfortunately ). I can

            copy any book  from ADE into the Ebook  that has  " can copy " . But can't

            copy anything with DRM.  So yes you're right, ADE doesn't support it and

            DRM stops me from doing a "copy & paste. Fortunately no problems doing it

            with my other Ebook.

            The lesson here is don't buy cheap no name stuff off the internet.

            Thanks again