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    CS6 - and still no endnotes


      So, while CS6 brings some nice improvements, none are particularly groundbreaking - and all are directed at the tablet crowd, which Adobe seems to be obsessed with lately. How about some improvements that would actually benefit all InDesign users? Improvements to existing features are needed in many places. A worrying trend is the fact that Adobe seems to introduce a new feature in InDesign and they never improve it - contrary to Photoshop and Illustrator (especially in CS6) where existing features are constantly tweaked and updated.

      And then there are the many new features that are needed. First and foremost - endnotes! How many times does Adobe have to hear this, before they finally get their act together? And how about something truly useful, also for the tablet crowd: Conditional Paragraph Styles. This would allow you to have specify conditions in a Paragraph style so that is applies different formatting if it is preceded by a certain paragraph style, starts with a certain text, is first/last in column etc. This would really speed up every InDesign user's workflow. But no, they have to add a fancy copy/paste feature instead... (and yes, I did submit a feature request to Adobe)