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    Why is the pricing for Adobe Creative Cloud different depending where you live?


      I love the idea of Creative Cloud. However, why is it more expensive if I live in Australia than in the US? Isn't the point of this new service to have everythig you use wherever you are in the world? Therefore shouldn't there be one global price.


      I realise currency rates and taxes might be different but that does not explain the large price difference we are seeing.


      $49.99 US is only $48.50 AUD yet Australians are being charged $62.99 for the EXACT same service? Why rip us off?


      I also realise the current / old product pricing has been ripping Australian's off for years... I thought this new pricing model might just solve that, but alas we are STILL GOING TO BE CHARGED MORE just because of where we live... WHY?


      Can we just buy a US membership since all the products will work anywhere anyway as it's a cloud based service?