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      How do you edited a black and white photo and add some parts colour



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          greule Adobe Employee

          Hi Skyler95. Try this:


          Scenario 1:

          -  duplicate your image so that you have 2 layers

          -  apply Adjustment-> Black&White to the top layer

          -  Switch to the Eraser Tool and erase areas you would like to have colored. (NOTE: You can tweak your eraser brush settings (e.g. Opacity, Hardness) as needed)


          Scenario 2:

          - switch to the Paint Tool

          - choose Mode -> Effect

          - select Black&White effect

          - paint areas with black and white



          Let me know if its working for you.




          BTW: If your base image is B&W you can paint e.g. with Tint effect or apply a Replace Color Effect to a selection

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