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    Browser refresh

      I m a newbie. i tried searching on forum but couldn find answer.
      I have a login view as my first view.. and then to themain view..
      however whenver a refresh is clicked on the browser it takes me back to the start..how can i avoid it ?
      can i disable refresh of the browser ? is there anyway i can just refresh the page i m on ?

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          atta707 Level 2
          one way to handle this problem would be to present the main view ONLY when user is NOT logged on. If user is already logged on, just take the her to the main view.
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            Benji2008 Level 1
            If you want to "refresh" only that view - couldn't u make a refresh button/link to call the "main" view again? - the browser will of course refresh your whole application & there's no way to escape that (I don't think so anyway), you can of course do what atta707 suggested :)
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              sohilr Level 1
              Thanks guys for a immediate response..

              no actually the refresh browser is something i wanna control...the user might just press it by accident.. a bit more browsing.. let me i should user shared objects and save the states.. there seem to be now way i can disable replay - incase of refresh...

              Appreciate your responses..
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                Garyl Woolworth
                Shared objects would work. Something to take note of though is on your login screen make sure to give the user the option of "Remember Me" so that way if the end user is on a public computer if the next person were to go that website they'd skip the login and go right in free to do what they want. Something else you might want to employ is auto expiring shared objects such as when the user logs in to erase any other login information that exists and replace it with the new user as well as when the application loads check the time the user last logged in, if it's greater then a certain time period erase the shared object and force a login. Also after timer event of no activity switch back to login screen (could be accomplished checking mouse move events among others). Just my thoughts.
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                  ntsiii Level 3
                  I am pretty sure you will not be able to prevent users from hitting the refresh button. This is the result of using a browser to host applications. Browsers believe the user should be in control. We application developers often feel otherwise.

                  Another possibility to sharedObjects would be to save state to the server, and restore it on log-in.

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                    sohilr Level 1
                    Thanks Kaotic101,
                    for the suggestions.. I would keep them in mind.
                    Thank you all for the positive response :)