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    Has the text resize bug been fixed in Fireworks CS6?

    Chris Lowry Level 1

      1. When using free transform in cs5, text is resized, but the point size isn't increased.
      So - You can have text this big and this big, but the property inspector will think both are size 20.
      It's quite annoying, and changing multiple blocks of text at once, in proportion to each other, is only practical with the Ctrl+T tool, so it needs to work.


      2. The anti-aliasing is also unreliable - has that been altered?


      3. This text resize bug, from my blog, is also still an issue - has that been fixed?


      If so, pretty ready to upgrade!




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          I can tell you the text resize bug is fixed. Using the transform tool to scale up text adjusts the point size!

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            Hello Chris,

            I can confirm that CS6 has a major bug in the transform tool, the same you reported about CS5.

            Scale a simple text block using  CTRL/CMD-T, using the transform handles, and the text container's text is totally wacked out. Just as you show on your blog.

            Frustrating for sure.

            CS3 worked fine, but it had the misreported text size bug (scaled text's point size did not show accurately in the properties palette).

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              groove25 Level 4

              As a Mac user, I can't speak to any Windows-specific issues, but point #1 reminds me of a post from another user, who observed that a single text box scaled using Free Transform would have its font size updated accordingly, whereas a selection of multiple objects would not, as the change would remain a (removable) transformation instead of being translated into a change in font size. In contrast, Numeric Transform would consistently result in an updated font size.




              What's striking me at the moment is how the text box and the Free Transform bounding box don't actually match. This means that when you scale a text box using Free Transform, the original positioning of the text box will be lost. (Fortunately, alignments of the text block in relation to other objects—though not the text box itself—can be made quickly using the Align panel.) I'm not sure I'd ever noticed this before, and I wonder why it is.


              bounding box + text box.png


              One text resizing idea: The "Web Standard" keyboard shortcut set for Fireworks includes Text > Size > Smaller (Shift+Cmd+<) and Larger (Shift+Cmd+>). These commands resize in increments of just one pixel at a time, but offer an alternative way to quickly adjust text size with some visual feedback.


              @pgurney: If the Windows-specific Transform tool bug (the one that causes distorted text) is still an issue in CS6, please consider reporting it using Adobe's official bug report form: