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    AE - the perfect choice for automated clip generation?




      for a customer project we're working on a workflow allowing us to generate thousands of clips a day based on a few AE "template" projects. The basic idea is just to replace the ressources used in the template project with the specific ones used in every clip and then initiate rendering via arender.bat. While we're pretty sure that the technical process itself will work, we're not so sure about its actual scalability with a growing number of clips.


      So the question is: has anybody ever had any experiences with such an approach vie AfterEffects? Is it the best tool for this or are there any alternatives on the market? We're talking about 1 or 2 mins clips here...


      Thanks in advance!

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          I'm sure you could get some automated solution from Chyron, GrassValley, Harris, VizRT or other big players in the on-air graphics field, but that's probably out of your league price-wise and would require staff to be trained in those tools. That said, I don't see why this shouldn't work in AE. Scalability simply means adding anotehr computer to the render farm... I'd be more concerned with things like footage I/O killing your network and requiring a fast server more than anything else....