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    How to make AccordionPanel tab a link?

    Johnny the boy Level 1

      I have a Spry Accordion.  Most of the AccordionPanels within the Spry Accordion I need to expand to AccordionPanelContent. 


      However, one of the AccordionPanels I just want to be a link with no other content.  This particular AccordionPanel should not expand.  The behavior I have configured for the rest of the "normal" AccordionPanels is to make the text bold when a particular Accordion Panel is selected.


      How can I make the single link Accordion Panel NOT have it's text get bolded when selected (in other words not receive the css behavior associated with .AccordionPanelTab)?


      Also any tips on making the single link work (go to the linked page) when in an Accordion Panel.