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    Leigh-a Level 1

      Now that upgrade time is looming, I'm pondering the plugin "transfer". 


      I've read in the past of creating a "separate" plugins folder, but pardon my ignorance, I never really grasped it; so on each Upgrade I end up having to reinstall all of my plugins into the "new" version of PS, re-enter all of the plugin Key #s, and re-do all the plugin Updates.


      Is there any simple way to copy the plugins or plugins folder from CS-5, and install them intact into CS-6, and still retain the Windows Add/Remove ability for them.





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          Shan-Dysigns Level 2

          That may depend on which filters/plug-ins you have. Some may have files installed outside of Photoshop, so you wouldn't just be able to copy the plug-ins folder to another installation of the program. Just remember, the more plug-ins you have, the more Photoshop has to load which can affect its performance. If you have a ton of plug-ins, once installed, you can always place a tilda character "~" as the first character of the folder name(s) and Photoshop won't load those folders (but even doing this is very time consuming and would make you have to know ahead of time which plugins you are going to need).ke the


          Also, there will usually be some plug-ins that won't make the upgrade (or their upgrade support may not be available for a while).

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            Leigh-a Level 1

            Oh well,I was afraid that was the case.


            I've done it for six upgrades since PS-4, so I guess I'll just bite the bullet and do it again.    I usually wait until a new addition is out for a few months before upgrading, to avoid the inevitable early user bugs.


            Thanks for the reply,


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              station_one Level 3

              For many, many years, my practice has been always to install all plug-ins from scratch, from the original media, whenever upgrading or installing new software.  I never copy, migrate or transfer anything when upgrading, installing new software or setting up a new machine.  It has saved me untold grief that seems to plague other users who don't follow this practice.


              Just my two cents.