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    Sorting topics in Keywords

      I am experiencing the following problem with Robohelp 7:

      I migrated the index from my Robohelp 5 environment into Robohelp 7 and I did a thorough restructuring of my index. In this index I created several new keywords and subkeywords. I assigned several topics to these keywords, but Robohelp does not sort the topics in alphabetical order, it orders them in the order in which topics have been linkedd to a keyword. The strange thing is that in the topic screen all the topics are neatly sorted in alphabetical order. When I generate the primary layout, the topics are inserted in the webhelp in the wrong order.

      I use the HHK file (in which the keywords are stored in a wrong order), with binary index checked. I tried disabling the primary index, creating a new one by copying all the keys, but the problem persists. I also tried to set the index to topics, but this does not help either.

      Can you explain to me how I can set RoboHelp to sort the hhk file in the correct order, or how can I easily create the alphabetical of my index keys? (instead of manually editing the hhk file) Thanks in advance for your reply.