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    archiving... everything

    cfg_2451 Level 2

      Premiere Pro, from at least cs4, made it fairly easy to archive using the Project Manger (Project ... Project Manager) popup window.


      But... many (most?) user projects reach beyond PPro and include work in After Effects, Audition, Photoshop (stills and graphics for lower thirds, etc.), Media Encoder,  Encore, etc. There's a lot that goes on between importing raw footage and burning a final BD.


      What are best practices for archiving the whole thing? The whole thing being the user project and not just the PPro part of it.


      I'd like to be able to off-line an entire project and delete all it's bits and pieces from my hard drives so that I can do more work. And I'd like to do it in such a way that facilitates the client coming back in a year to make changes -- I want to be able to pull the hard drive, or DVDROM, or BDROM, or whatever off the shelf and work on the project again without having to recreate anything, or chase down stray links.


      I'm thinking the first thing I have to do is archive through the PPro Project manager. Then I'll have to add the AE project. And go into AE and find what files it used and copy them to a directory somewhere (and then of course AE won't be linked to these source files...). I can see this getting really messy really quickly.


      I'm sure I'm not the first person to hit on this problem. What's the "best practice" solution to the whole-project archive problem?

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          Jax24135 Level 3

          Create a dedicated folder at the beginning of your project. Throw everything related to it in there (Footage as well as Audition, Premiere & After Effect project sessions) when you start and you won't have to search through so many broken links.

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            cfg_2451 Level 2

            That's what I'm doing... now. But I need to archive what I was doing last year, when I hadn't figured out the organizing.


            From what I can tell, there's no way to archive much of anything from Encore, even in CS5. True? I'd really like to archive some of those menus -- I have no idea at all how to recreate them if I loose them.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9
              What are best practices for archiving the whole thing?




              I create a folder named appropriately.  Inside that folder I have three more folders - Files, Audio and DVD.


              Every audio file in use, regardless of which program I'm using it in, goes in the Audio folder (before I import it, that's key).  When I'm ready to create the DVD or Blu-ray, that obviously goes into the DVD folder.


              Everything else (except media and Cache) goes into the Files folder - PP project files, AE project files, images, everything.  (And it goes here before import, again that's key).


              When you're done, you have one folder with everything in it - except media and cache - for very simple backup to hard drive, data DVD, etc.

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                Jon Chappell Level 3

                We've got a free app for Mac and Windows that helps you organize your projects before you start working: