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    Pie chart call outs uneven

    flashharry! Level 1
      Hi All,

      Ok this is wired, I have a pie chart width 600, with call outs, however my callout stroke lengths are really long.
      The corner vector break is high in the sample below they corners are close to the pie chart. My chart becomes to small and unreadable.

      any thoughts


      Goto Pie Series, Pie labels and increase data still looks neat.

      I can not link to mine requires authorization
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          even i am facing the same problem. I have two pie charts embedded on a single jsp page. Both the charts receive data as XML. When, one of the chart have only one series & the other having more than 4. The chart having more series shrink. Also the 'callout' label fontsize decreases too.

          Due to this reason i had to decrease lengths of labels & display the labels as 'inside'.

          Can any one please help me out to solve this issue

          Thank's !

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            flashharry! Level 1
            I could not solve the issue with the labels its self. I approached in a different manor.

            I create a HBox, with two h-sliders and a combo box.

            I tied the combo box to the label function:

            in the pie series set this


            Then add these
            <Array id="labelPositionArr">
            <Object label="callout" />
            <Object label="inside" />
            <Object label="insideWithCallout" />
            <Object label="none" />
            <Object label="outside" /></Array>

            <ComboBox y="10" id="labelComboBox" dataProvider="{labelPositionArr}" width="110" height="10"
            styleName="myCombox" toolTip="Change label position"/>

            Now a user can select the label positions they like.
            The two sliders I tied to zoom and rotation.

            <HSlider id="pieChartRotate" minimum="-720" maximum="720" value="0" snapInterval="5" liveDragging="true"
            toolTip="Rotate Pie Chart" showDataTip="false"/>

            The other Hslider is tied to the width of the chat and can shrink or enlarge.
            I gave the whole HBox a low alpha and a made a mouse in and mouse out affect with fade. So the panel fades in and fades out like a video control.
            You can make the user selection persistent with shard objects.
            I also extended the legend control so when you hovered over a mark it extended that peace of the pie a minute amount.

            I hope that helps