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    Speedgrade support for .MTS files

    Picturequest Community Member



      I'm excited about CS6. I shoot a Panasonic GH-2 that records H.264 in .MTS. This is hacked and shoots at around 150mb/s.  Does Speedgrade read .MTS? I'd rather not transcode.  Premiere runs fine with the MTS files.


      Also, when you send out from Premiere to Speedgrade, will Premiere reflect the look/grading changes? I guess I shoyld ask this in a different topic.





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          Joost van der Hoeven ACP

          AFAIK Speedgrade does not support .MTS, MP4 or .MXF files natively. I does accept anyting .mov, including 5D, DNXHD, and ProRes. You ould feed a .mp4 via QT, but some people will argue this method to be not 'native'.


          Better if an Adobian answers this.

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            Picturequest Community Member

            That's too bad. That's my main reason I don't use Resolve. If you just want to throw some clips in and play with the grade, I don't need to waste the space or the time to transcote .MTS to something else. The beauty of Premiere is how well it handles any format you throw at it.

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              Scattered Atoms Community Member

              open your MTS in premiere, do any build/edit you want from there and then select from the file menu the option to "send to speedgrade". Adobe will take care of rendering between the two.

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                Animotion.nl ACP

                Yes, "Send to SpeedGrade" works fine form Premiere Pro CS6. Just be aware it creates DPX-sequences as Digital Intermediate for best quality. But the down side is that DPX-sequences are big in file size and as such also need fast disk thoughput to be able to playback.

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                  shooternz Community Member

                  Something I thought about  today . 


                  Why not use Adobe Prelude  to transcode DPX files from select takes ( using in / out points) then take them into SG (or Resolve) as DI's


                  I bet that would be faster than "Send to SG" from Premiere. (which I find excrutiatingly slow)


                  I am going to test this when I have  time ..but be my guinea pig please.  I woud be hopnig one could maintain TC integrity in this.


                  I am also guessing it could be done from AME but that would be more difficult to create In / Out Points

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                    MachineCodeSystems Community Member

                    Adobe, since Speedgrade CS6 is not yet ready for prime time, it's vital that you continue to bundle Color Finesse as part of After Effects CS6. When is your delivery date for implementing full native video file support in Speedgrade?

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                      Joost van der Hoeven ACP

                      Adobe has announced las April that they will update their Creative Suite once a year somewhere between April and July (Q2). I think is a save assuption that SpeedGrade will get an upgrade by then. Consider that the programmers had less then half a year to deliver SG CS6... (Iridas was aquired in September 2011, and CS6 was launched in April 2012. And I know the testing and delevery of software takes about 3 months,  you can do the math).


                      I am expecting a lot form the next version as the programmers had a full year to work on integration, codecs, support for various workflows etc.


                      So, prime time, if you want to call it that, should probably be somewhere in April at the earliest.

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                        welchphoto Community Member

                        yea right

                        I tried that with a 2.6 hour HD video 1920x1080 and after it was only 1/5 done "sending" to SG it had used up 1.65 TBs of my 2 TB drive. REALLY?!  IT would have taken over 3 TB to "send" my project to SG. The un-edited fottage is only 900 GB!

                        So far not a fan.