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    Installing Current Flash


      First I must ask is the whole configuration of your forum system geared to frustrate users enough that the go away with-out finding or posting their problems?  If so it almost worked!




      Windows 7 (fully updated)


      64 bit




      Computer is 2 years old and it has been running and updating (automatically) Adobe Flash just fine for since I purchased it.  About two weeks ago Flash stopped working properly.  When Firefox opens a page that has Flash content I am told I need to download a plug-in (Flash) for this page to work properly.  Where the Flash content would be on the page it is greyed out with a message to update my Flash.  When I click onto the links to solve the problem (update or install plugin (flash)) A pop-up opens telling me to install "Adobe Flash Player" I click "next>", Then the pop-up thinks for a while in in the little pop-up screen window appears "Oops! Firefox could not find any none" in a mini-GOOGLE Search web page with the term "None" in the Google search box.  If I then click the "I agree" button and hit "next>" button It acts like it is down loading something but then kicks me to the "No Plugins were installed" with "Manual Install" button.  THEN if I click on the manual install button I am taken to the Adobe Flash Player ( download page.  SO I download the file, shut down Firefox, reboot the computer, click on the downloaded program it acts like it is working.  Windows asks me for permission to continue and I agree.  Task Manager tells me it is doing something in the back ground but nothing happens.  I have tried this about 15 times.  I have uninstalled all previous versions of Adobe Flash and tried about 5 more times. I cannot update or even install Flash in any form what so ever.  How do I install Flash?