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    Upgrade Options

    peterpica Level 1

      Is it possible when upgrading from 5 to 6, in 'Standard' mode, to get PS CS6 with 3-D option?


      I don't need all the bells & whistles that come with Premium.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          I don't know quite what you mean by "5 to 6", "'Standard' mode", or "Premium", but here are some things that are the way they are:


          • You can upgrade from a product to a product, not from a suite to a product.
          • 3D comes with Photoshop Extended only.


          It might help to be more accurate and complete in your description of what you'd like to do.



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            peterpica Level 1

            Sorry... correct wording's not my strong suit.


            I currently have CS5 Standard. I plan on upgrading to CS6 Standard but was hoping to get Photoshop Extended in the package.


            I'm not into multimedia at all, and at age 69, don't plan on doing so -- that's why I'm not interested in the Premium combo.


            Thanks for bringing my faulty words to attention.



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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              peterpica wrote:


              Sorry... correct wording's not my strong suit.



              No worries Peter, but with a name that looks like the start of a classic ‘tongue twister’ you ought to be a real expert with words.


              There are some nice features in the Extended version, (I am not sure if Video editing only comes in the Extended version) but there is also a big difference in the cost.

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                photoman 157 Level 1

                According to the Adobe representatives I spoke with at Photoshop World you can upgrade from basic Photoshop to their extended version at a higher cost than the normal upgrade price. Can't remember the price right now, or find my notes. I would suggest calling Adobe Store/customer service and they can give you the upgrade price.


                You have to upgrade to Photoshop Extended to get the 3-D option, it's not available in the standard version.


                Packages, if I understand your previous questions and replies you recieved, have more than Photoshop, i.e. Illustrator, In Design, Flash, Premier, After Effects etc. You do not have to buy those packages just Photoshop Extended to get 3-D.


                Hope this helps. Also, by speaking with them they can tell you if they have changed this upgrade policy since the last release better then any one else here on this sight!

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  Yes and no! is the answer.


                  If you buy the upgrade you have to buy the standard upgrade trat does not come with Photoshop extended.


                  If you upgrade and join the Cloud then you get everything in the Master Collection inclucing Photoshop Extended and you get a fewe cool featyre that do not come with the master Collection you get the Font feature so if you make a website with a font that might be in the library that is not standard web font you can publish the font and the font will be availablle always for that website. You would not have to render it as a jpeg, png or gif you can just  leave it as a font anf live text.


                  You get things like Muse and Edge and remote storage space.


                  And you pay by the month.


                  The other way you will not get it unless you purchase a separae license for photoshop extended.

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                    peterpica Level 1

                    Prudent prior planning precludes piss-poor production problems in prioritizing publication & printing projects.


                    Kindest regards,

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                      peterpica Level 1

                      Thanks for explanation... I'm opting out of the cloud model... no more monthly payment hooks for this old geezer.


                      Muse isn't the sharpest light on the web street either...and photoshop 6 appears to be a warming over of 5 with big exception that Adobe's made everything more streamlined, for the most part.... IMHO. I don't see anything 'compelling' in any of the updates, but then again, my eyes are failing too!



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                        peterpica Level 1

                        Thanks all for helpful remarks.


                        I just bought a 5.0 CS Standard package upgrade to 5.5 Premium for $329.00 + tax; will get a freebie upgrade to CS6.0 Premium come May 7th or so.... Got more than I wanted, but the price was right.