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    Getting action script error #2044 on certain websites


      A few days ago I downloaded a debugged flash player for a Mac. This was supposed to patch a securoty flaw. I am using a Max OSX6.8, Safari version 5.1.5 and the Flash Player is version

      The error box comes up constantly on an my online local newspaper. It says:


      An Action Error Occurred:


      Error #2044 Unhandled AsyncErrorEvent: text=Error# 2095 flash.net. NetStream ws unable to invoke callback on XMPdata. error=reverse. Error#1069: Property noot found on flyover. as$0.Customer client and there is no default value.


              at flyover/connectStream()[C:\Users\dwallace\Documents\HTML5]flyover\flyover as 169]

               at flyover/netStatusHandler()[c:\users\dwallace\Documents\HTML5Launchers\flyover\flyover.as: 141

               at flash.net:NetConnection/connect()

               at flyover()c:\Users\dwallace\Documents\HTML5Launchers\flyover\flyover.as:129



      Did the debugged version completely upload on to my computer?

      Do I need to do an uninstall and then reinstall?

      I am not dwallace